Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Wanted!



PhotobucketThis one uses an exclusive tube from Creative Misfits, you have to be a member to get the tube.

I know what HE's getting tonight!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Creative Misfits Halloween Scrapkit!

I made these papers an an alpha and some word art for a scrapkit challenge at Creative Misfits! All the parts of the scrapkit can be found by clicking the picture. It will take you to the Creative Misfits blog where you can see all the other parts of the Scrapkit. Please be sure to leave thanks for any parts of the kit that you download. Thanks to everyone that has already downloaded my part! I loved participating in this challenge.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Annaween

resize this oneUsing the wonderful work of Anna Rigby....... just gorgeous! A template from from Babe's Designz...... I just love Halloween! I have more Halloween tutorials coming soon!


resize this oneI used another template from Blissfully Beth's! Love her work. The artwork is all Popeye Wong!

I wanna be a rockstar

I used a scrapkit from Helly's scraps and a template from Cinamin scraps. I love the artwork of Josh Howard.... just gothy enough to go with the kit and the template!

Little Bo Peep

resize this oneI used a template from Melissaz and the terrific artwork of Popeye Wong... have fun with it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Robyn's Chic Scraps!

I just love this new Halloween Scrap kit from Robyn's Chic Scraps! FUN FUN FUN for tagging or scrapping and out before most kits so you can get an early start. Go here to view the kit and get a freebie!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Teachers Pet

I used the artwork of Monica Tratch! This is cute and funny! I also used a few parts of the Back to School Blog train. This is the last of three school tuts I hope that you enjoy them. It can either be animated or non animated......... as you can see.

resize this one

I'm HOT for Teacher!

resizeAgain using parts from the Back to School blog train, and the artwork of Popeye Wong.... Mr. Versatile! Gotta love a HOT Teacher!

Hey! Teacher, leave those kids ALONE!

It's back to school time and this month on the blog train is the back to school theme! There are ninety some stops on this blog train so if you have youngsters its worth grabbing them all! I used parts of the blog train and the artwork of Eric Osgood...... just love that catholic school girl skirt! He's FTU.

Good and Bad

This is a fun and bright one using the wonderful art of Ismael Rac! The tubes I used are FTU through his website. If you don't psp but you'd like one of these tags, please leave a comment in the comments section and let me know. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tutorial 12

Im using the FTU artwork of Chester O'Campo! Wonderful faces and bodies..... totally sexy! The template is by Denz at Denz Designz and the image is unknown.

Tutorial 11

I used the work of Ed Mironiuk which you can buy at CILM. I also used a few parts from a blog train which I will link you to in the tut. To me this one is fun in the summer all the way around!

Tutorial 10

I love Marilyn Monroe! I got this great tube as a gift from CILM for buying extra tubes. If you don't have it, I have included another Marilyn tube thats FTU. I've actually made the same tag with the other tube and it looks great using either tube! Enjoy!

Tutorial 9

This one is just cutsie! I loved this tube and have to do something with it. Its animated but I didnt have time to post it in photobucket LOL. Enjoy!

Tutorial 8

Both are FTU artists! This one is so different but I do love the saying..... you sound reasonable... time to up my meds LOL Have fun with it!

Tutorial 7

Love the sexy artwork of Ken Martin! I hope you enjoy this spin!

Tutorial 007

I used the artwork of Elisa Chong. A template from Blissfully Beth's and a scrapkit from Bel Vidottis. Isn't she cute?

Tutorial 6

I used some images from over the years and some tubes I've collected. I thought this one was interesting. Enjoy it if you try it

Tutorial 5

resize this oneI used the artwork of Monte Moore which you can purchase here at CILM. I also used a template from Bel Vidottis. I made the animation myself. Enjoy!

Tutorial 4

resizeI used a template from Blissfully Beth's....... a scrapkit from Krissy's Scraps..... and the artwork of Andy Parks..... he's free to use! ~ the Baddest Chick

Tutorial 3

sgt sweetcheeks kat resizedMy best friend Beth has a daughter and a son in the Army and Marines..... I made this tag in honour of her! Thanks for always being a great friend Beth.

Tutorial 2

I used the artwork of Jennifer Janesko which you can purchase along with a license at CILM. I also used another wonderful template by Beth at Blissfully Beth's! The scrapkit is from Pimp your Scrapkit! Hope you have fun with this one!

Tutorial 1

I wrote this tutorial using one of the wonderful scrapkits Jo made called English Garden at Creationz by Jo! I simply love this NoFlutter tube and it goes so well with the theme of the kit... takes me back to Alice in Wonderland. The template used is by Cheri at Wild Creationz. Enjoy the tutorial!